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Webinar Host George Levy

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George Levy, CSBCP, GBP is Founder of Blockchain Institute of Technology, the world standard for blockchain education and certification.™

George Levy's courses on blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been taken by more than 160,000 students in over 190 countries.  

How to Become a Certified Blockchain Professional...
Without Wasting Years of Time and Effort.

(and Without a Degree or Prior Tech Skills)

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You are interested in becoming a blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency certified professional and be part of the multi-billion dollar blockchain global markets.

  • You are looking to position yourself as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and capitalize on all the investment and growth that's taking place worldwide.

  • You want to turn your professional profile into a magnet that attracts business opportunities and recruiters that want to offer you jobs, and pay you.

  • You want to increase your value, earning potential and relevance as a professional, as well as your contribution to making the world a better place.

Join blockchain expert instructor George Levy in this valuable, online masterclass, and learn how you can better prepare, profit and benefit from blockchain technology and cryptocurrency during this period of great global transformation.

A few words from some of George Levy's students:

Monica Sandoval
"Walking into this new field of blockchain technology I felt overwhelmed and unprepared. The courses gave me the confidence I needed in order to master my role in my career." 
Jessie Yanger
"I've been involved in the Bitcoin space since early 2013 and I can honestly say that you have made some of the more technical aspects of Bitcoin and its underlying technology very simple to understand" and retain."
Peter Grabec
"I love how the courses are structured and presented! "
Ibrahim Downey
"Thanks for all your help in getting me this far and for opening the way to making the world a better place to be."


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